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Chelsea was my second BJD (in his El sculpt) and originally embodied the character Eri from Daichi's backstory. As I lost interest in Daichi's story, however, I lost interest in the character entirely. I still loved the sculpt and the idea of the sexy, super-dominant, clinically uninterested character present in almost every anime or manga I'd experienced. 

As I got older this concept, much like my early stories, was no longer intriguing. I had just seen 'Black Butler' and enjoyed the concept of demonic contracting. Several years prior I had also fallen in love with the movie Lo, another story revolving around demons, and as a life-long horror film lover I wanted to see if I could create a similar story. Chelsea was born.

The character has gone through many iterations since then as I work to refine the world building and keep the oft-done 'demons working with or among humans' story exciting for me.

Chelsea Ronove.jpg

Head Sculpt: El Fairyland
Body Sculpt: April Story
Hands: April Story
Mods: None
Faceup: eLuts
Hair: Synthetic Leekeworld
Eyes: Glass

Head Sculpt: AS Sleeping Luke

Body Sculpt: April Story

Hands: April Story

Mods: None

Faceup: Self

Hair: Synthetic Alpaca Fiber

Eyes: Glass

themallmar18 copy.png

Family: Disgrace
Sexuality/Status: Neutral Dominant (#178adf) / Single

Occupation: None
Hometown: Unknown
Twin Worlds: Disgrace
Religious Beliefs: None


A patient and practiced disgrace, Chelsea retains enough memories of a previous life to allow him to be confused about his possible loss of humanity if he cared in the least. Life as a disgrace suits him perfectly and he honestly couldn't wish for anything better. He can sleep around when he wants to, slack off at someone else's expense, even drive others to the point of insanity in a long slow slog for his amusement. Have you ever heard of a 'bad guy'? That's Chelsea.

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