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chels3 copy.png

Chelsea was my second BJD (in his El sculpt) and originally embodied the character Eri from Daichi's backstory. As I lost interest in Daichi's story, however, I lost interest in the character entirely. I still loved the sculpt and the idea of the sexy, super-dominant, clinically uninterested character present in almost every anime or manga I'd experienced. 

As I got older this concept, much like my early stories, was no longer intriguing. I had just seen 'Black Butler' and enjoyed the concept of demonic contracting. Several years prior I had also fallen in love with the movie Lo, another story revolving around demons, and as a life-long horror film lover I wanted to see if I could create a similar story. Chelsea was born.

The character has gone through many iterations since then as I work to refine the world building and keep the oft-done 'demons working with or among humans' story exciting for me.

Chelsea Ronove.jpg

Head Sculpt: El Fairyland
Body Sculpt: April Story
Hands: April Story
Mods: None
Faceup: eLuts
Hair: Synthetic Leekeworld
Eyes: Glass

Head Sculpt: AS Sleeping Luke

Body Sculpt: April Story

Hands: April Story

Mods: None

Faceup: Self

Hair: Synthetic Alpaca Fiber

Eyes: Glass

themallmar18 copy.png

Family: Disgrace
Sexuality/Status: Neutral Dominant (#178adf) / Single

Occupation: None
Hometown: Unknown
Twin Worlds: Disgrace
Religious Beliefs: None


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