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Ally, though a character I'd planned to resin-form since college, has had trouble getting started in any form. At one point he was an Iplehouse Iris (this sculpt now belongs to Citrus), a Migidoll Jina (who became Mars), and floated in the ether for several years before his current Impldoll Leona form. I still can't say for certain if this is the right look for him, but I think it's a hellofa lot closer than the previous two.

As a character, Ally was born from three things; HP Lovecraft obsession, the short-lived comic Hannah is not a Boy's Name (I think that was the title? Mm?) and a lingering love with the look of my middle school muse that just happened to share a color scheme. His story was a spinoff of a comic I was working about zombies and inter-dimensional travel, but he outlasted the original story.

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Family: Human
Sexuality/Status: Introverted Switch (#5c288c)
Occupation: Barista
Hometown: Blackweed
Twin Worlds: Practing Witch, Possessed
Religious Beliefs: Tamashp

Head Sculpt: Impldoll Leona

Body Sculpt: April Story

Hands: April Story

Mods: None

Faceup: Self

Hair: Alpaca Fiber

Eyes: Masterpiece Soft Glass

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"It is at this point we are totally unsure if any of that past information was true or actuate. The people concerned with this story all seem to think it fact (or at least feel it is very real) but truthfully, no one can be sure any of this world existed before Abby came into it, sealed Thobias’ fate to Ally’s, and left again in a cloud of light. Everything that happened after certainly unfolded in reality."

Ally grew up a sickly child in the small town of Blackweed with three siblings and two rather odd parents. To save their youngest, the two Cohens turned to alternative methods. So, from the tender age of four, Ally shared his body with the entity known only as PK. Needless to say, being inhabited by a demon was not a trait that attracted friends. After his parent's death the children were sent to live with their aunt. She put Ally on anti-psychotics and a regiment of therapy that effectively silenced PK - at least, most of the time - and Ally became a normal, albeit shy, child.

Only years later did Ally's attention return to PK. While attempting to finish his graduate degree in Bortyr, Ally finds a support group dealing in his unique problem. The group's leader convinced Ally to learn more about his condition, and in doing so, Ally accidentally summons another disgrace; Thobias.

The two eventually become friends and team up to play detective while pretending they don't know they are being used by higher powers at play.

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