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When I first ordered Daichi back in the early 2000's he didn’t have a character yet. I thought that creating his character would be a good way to pass the time while I waited for him to ship. So Daichi was born.

Actually, he was born as Daiki who later changed his name to Daichi after he got kicked out of the elf kingdom by his father for being too special (or something). He was half elf, ¼ dragon, 1/8 incubus – you know, one of those designer fantasy races made to make your character sound liek, 2 hawt.

The story died quickly (shocking, I know). I wrote him into a story I called ‘The Business Men’, which had nothing to do with business or possibly men. It focused on a world with a STI going around that could turn one into a giant rage monster like King Kong or Godzilla. Kaiju out, mother.

Was this a story about abstinence? About the dangers of unprotected sex? I think it was not. I think it was about nothing at all.


And because I still want to ‘honor the original character hurhurhur’ I still have to work with this mess of a backstory. Daichi is a constant reminder of the first time I fell into this life-long BJD love and my own incredible stupidity. When it comes to creative endeavors, his story keeps me amused and humbled both.

Frost 102.JPG

Family: Human

Sexuality/Status: SLEW (submissive lean extroverted switch - #b57d0e)/Single

Occupation: None

Hometown: Unsure

Twin Worlds: Anodyne

Religious Beliefs: Tamashp, very lax


Head Sculpt: Luts/FL Shiwoo
Body Sculpt: Luts/FL
Hands: Luts
Mods: Light Sanding
Faceup: Self
Hair: Self, Luts
Eyes: Glass

Head Sculpt: Eternal Spring by April Story
Body Sculpt: Luts/FL
Hands: Luts

Mods: None
Faceup: Self
Hair: Self
Eyes: Mako Eyes

Daichi has little memory of who he is. The earliest memory he can recall is being introduced to his previous guardian Eri at fourteen. His life was a nomadic one until Eri found a nearly empty apartment building to live in. Six or so months after moving in Eri disappeared, leaving Daichi with a host of questions and abandonment issues. He hides this from his peers by being incredibly outgoing, loud, occasionally pretentious, and often obnoxious. He loves attention of any kind and craves friendship while fearing to be open with people. Not having much of a past to consider and having lived in Tybalt's building for most of his life, he's very open minded - though occasionally a bit too naive.

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