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West was the most brilliant scientist who ever lived, probably. I mean, he had the formula to reanimate the dead. Mostly they were like Frankenstein’s monster, or kind of like zombies? But that’s okay. I mean, they dragged him off to the netherworld. But then he came back thanks to Taran-Ish, a powerful undead shaman, and joined a ghost hunting team. That whole mess worked out really badly for him, so he does what any small reanimated individual would do and leaves. And he’s got to live somewhere. He’s also paranoid and hates being out late by himself and needs a lot of locks on his door. Overall, Herbert just wants to test the limits of science and hopefully not be brutally murdered by his own creations like last time. Can he ever stop science-ing? Will he ever grow to be larger than pocket-sized? I choose you, Herbert West!

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Family: human-uembian coalescent
Sexuality/Status: DLIW NS (dominant lean introverted switch non-sexual #18132a)/single
Occupation: 'Cleaner'
Hometown: ???
Twin Worlds:
Religious Beliefs: Unsure


Head Sculpt: Number 7/Little Rebel
Body Sculpt: DollLeaves
Hands: Dollmore Adam
Mods: None
Faceup: Self
Hair: Synthetic Fiber
Eyes: Masterpiece Eyes

Marcel was once a paranormal investigator who spent most of his time debunking supernatural phenomena. He was murdered one night by the spirit of a man called Joseph, possessed by a spirit called Charles, murdered again by a nameless entity, until finally his decapitated head was reanimated by Herbert. He doesn’t know what he did to deserve such brutality, but he’s quite sure now that he’s uninterested in both scientific and supernatural.

He currently resides with Herbert as his pet project - or maybe just pet. Or maybe just hat rack.

Family: Human
Sexuality/Status: Asexual (#00000)/Single
Occupation: Harmless Pet
Twin Worlds: Re-Animated
Religious Beliefs: Atheist

Head Sculpt: Doll Family H Xiao Xin

Body Sculpt: None

Hands: Jointed Doll Family F

Mods: Several; WIP

Faceup: Self; WIP

Hair: Self; WIP

Eyes: Glass; eBay

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