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Inspired Elixirs - Inspirde by You

In 2016 I started making cocktails based on my own BJD characters, and now I want to make some inspired by your characters! Let's collab! Fill out this form to get started (make sure you follow the directions!) If you want to see a sample of a filled out form, click here. Currently the submission-to-video time is about 1-2 weeks. Please avoid facebook photos - I don't have an account so I usually can't see them. Thanks!

* Important! By submitting this information, you are allowing me to use it how I see fit in a video. I may poke fun and make jokes (see my own character videos for examples of this, it's pretty light) - this is for entertainment purposes only. If you are very sensitive or have deeply personal connections to a part of your character/story you may want to be selective in what you tell me. Otherwise, I'll consider it fair game. That being said - DON'T WORRY - I'm not out to roast you! xD

The permissions you give me here are only valid for this cocktail series (Inspired Elixirs or whatever name changes it might go through). This includes any subsequent images that come from a video (like if the picture you give me permission to use appears in the background of that video's thumbnail or related Instagram post). I'm certainly not going to go using your characters or images for anything else!

Remember that is takes time to produce these videos and I only post them once a week. Once you submit, it will probably be several weeks before I am able to get to your character.

Thanks for reading through this, but more than that, thanks for collaborating with me! :D

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