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 The child of a wealthy but rather eccentric couple, Lemon is the test tube result of mixing human and hyena. This presented their sweet newborn with a bit of trouble, however. First, her body was not at all stable. In attempt to save her from a slow decay, her parents fed her a cocktail of hormones to encourage growth. Testing different combinations of drugs eventually saved her life, but left her with another biological conundrum. The outcome was a body that changed in a infinite loop - deforming itself from the female to male sex and back again. Woefully, this development is not an overnight process but one that moves at a slow crawl over a period of eight to twelve years. The only possible plus was that Lemon seems to remain consistently young-looking - unfortunately she also seems to be forever young-thinking. Second, and even more distressing, and accidental tainting of some of Lemon's bizarre mix of baby food left the child with a bizarre appetite. How the human meat got mixed up with the wild boar meat would be a debate that lived on in the Lied household forever - though regardless the consequence remains the same - charming little Martha was soon craving a meal made of her fellow man. Despite these qualities giving her a slightly different childhood experience than most, she managed to grow into an emotionally stable young man. As she grew she learned to survive with her body's deformities, developing powerful people skills. She is persuasive and manipulative and a wonderful actor. However, she is also a genuinely friendly and affectionate person who is far too open to trust.

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Sexuality/Status: SLEW (submissive lean extroverted switch
Occupation: Retail
Hometown: Methel
Twin Worlds: Inyoni
Religious Beliefs: Tamashp


Head Sculpt: Kirara/Beyours
Body Sculpt: Beyours
Hands: Dollmore
Mods: None
Faceup: Self
Hair: Alpaca Fiber
Eyes: Glass

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