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So, Lemon is as a character is kinda a wild ride. Let's shorten the track on the crazy train and sum it up like so;

1) Freshman year of college

2) A really catchy song about running away from a serial killer

3) the movie "Splice"

4) Tempted to buy female BJDs

5) Romance! I hate the genre but other people love it. Why?!

6) Anthony Hopkins in "The Rite"

If this list makes sense to you we are probably best friends or something? I mean it. You have excellent taste.

Lemon is an experiment in bio-engineering and a biological conundrum. Lemon's body changes in an infinite loop - deforming itself from the female to male sex and back again. Woefully, this development is not an overnight process but one that moves at a slow crawl over a period of eight to twelve years. The only possible plus was that Lemon seems to remain consistently young-looking - unfortunately she also seems to be forever young-thinking. Despite these qualities giving her a slightly different childhood experience than most, she managed to grow into an emotionally stable young man. As she grew she learned to survive with her body's deformities, developing powerful people skills. He is persuasive and manipulative and a wonderful actor. However, he is also a genuinely friendly and affectionate person who is far too open to trust.

IMG_4125 copy.png

Sexuality/Status: SLEW (submissive lean extroverted switch
Occupation: Retail
Hometown: Methel
Twin Worlds: Inyoni
Religious Beliefs: Tamashp


Head Sculpt: Kirara/Beyours
Body Sculpt: Beyours
Hands: Dollmore
Mods: None
Faceup: Self
Hair: Alpaca Fiber
Eyes: Glass

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