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Like many of my dolls, Mars was bought initially to become a different character. Then, one winter, my computer broke. While it was being fixed over a period of weeks (yes, weeks. Ugh) I went back to my old high school laptop. This story becomes long and weird but the short version is this; YuGiOh, a broken hip, Shadow of Mordor, a new place to live, and an ambitious goal. Bing-bang-boom, suddenly my previous character had morphed into the main character of my (still in progress) RPG Maker game. In the context of the game it is actually unclear if Mars is male or female, but as I use my whole 'only male bjds' logic to limit my collecting, he's a boyo here.


Family: Human/uembian coalescent
Sexuality/Status: SLIW (submissive lean introverted switch) #a70f72
Occupation: Cashier
Hometown: Ramsleap
Twin Worlds: None
Religious Beliefs: Tamashp

Head Sculpt: Migidoll Jina

Body Sculpt: April Story

Hands: April Story

Mods: None

Faceup: DoA Artist

Hair: Alpaca Fiber

Eyes: Glass


Mars has always been an average, unimportant person. Shy and introverted as a child, he failed to make lasting friendships. In adulthood he became an ambitious-less and reclusive person whose only real joy came from antiquing.


That all changed when one day a ring that contained the soul of a ghost-hunting spirit came into his possession and he decided his destiny lay in hunting down other loose spirits and laying them to rest. He was finally making friends and even fell in love for the first time but alas, all good things must end. Even though he's not a bad person, Mars constantly undermines himself and often inadvertently annoys others as a result of his insecurities.


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