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Family: Human
Sexuality/Status: Introverted Switch (#
5e16c0)/long term relationship
Occupation: Student
Hometown: Lath
Twin Worlds: N/A
Religious Beliefs: Echtoa - not strict


Head Sculpt: Luv/Zaoll
Body Sculpt: Guu Doll
Hands: Dollmore
Mods: None
Faceup: Dollmore
Hair: Alpaca Fiber
Eyes: Glass

dollz copy.png

He’s trying to be an artist and dreams of creating his own comic book series, but he’s far from that goal. He doesn’t concentrate very well and hates studying, so he's not the best student. He was a flamboyantly homosexual kid in high school, trying hard to be the stereotype he thought he had to be. He went to a lot of high school parties, drank because he thought it made him cool, smoked because other people thought it made him cool, and was generally loud and outgoing. After his grandfather was diagnosed with cancer he lost interest in that lifestyle, becoming a quieter and more reserved person. Around this time he fell in love with a girl, who was also a close friend from childhood. He decided to distance himself from his feelings until he could figure out his path in life. Now he has a bit of a distaste for 'feminine men' who remind him of his past self. He’s lost his confidence and self-image, so a lot of his artwork focuses on finding inner peace and self-awareness. Despite not knowing exactly who he is or wants to be, he is very preachy about how he thinks others should live their lives.


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