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Nan began life as a character in a short story about a haunted boarding school. I lived in the Hudson River Valley area at the time an loved hiking around the abandoned buildings that dotted the landscape; many of which were once formal and impressive structures. I also loved the idea of creating a protagonist who stretched the limits of 'morally ambiguous'.


That right there tells you most of what you need to know about Nan.

nan copy.png

Head Sculpt: Ringdoll Andy
Body Sculpt: Volks
Hands: Volks
Mods: None
Faceup: Self
Hair: Alpaca Fiber & Synthetic (twists)
Eyes: Glass

Family: Human
Sexuality/Status: DLIW (dominant lean introverted switch)
Occupation: Research
Hometown: Methel
Twin Worlds: Natural Witch
Religious Beliefs: Echtoan

nan n lem.jpg

"If I grant you the power to seek what you will, you will be the prophet of my people."

Even before Nan was born there was a Thing that followed his bloodline. Born a natural witch to parents that didn't understand made him slow to trust and quick to judge. His own experiences as a teenager gave birth to his two core beliefs; first, everyone has ulterior motives, and second, everything that exists must be understood or it can’t be real.

As an adult, he’s a workaholic obsessed with his studies. Recently he’s discovered new uses for natural stones in magic (his favorite area of study) and has published work (in certain circles). This is where his talents are, and he believes that it is also the key to discovering how to both control his own power and understand his connection with this thing. He studies magic in a scientific way, believing that the supernatural can be understood and will one day be more natural than super.

Overall, Nan is a creepy guy, and it's not altogether because of the creeping Thing that follows him. That being said, Nan has never killed anyone. On purpose. Purposely. Like, you know, with intent.

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