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Head Sculpt: Ringdoll Andy
Body Sculpt: Volks
Hands: Volks
Mods: None
Faceup: Self
Hair: Alpaca Fiber & Synthetic (twists)
Eyes: Glass

Family: Human
Sexuality/Status: DLIW (dominant lean introverted switch)
Occupation: Research
Hometown: Methel
Twin Worlds: Natural Witch
Religious Beliefs: Echtoan

nan n lem.jpg

A child of only a few years, Nan agreed to its terms. Made a deal with a beast. Baptized in blood. Basil, St. Basil. It struck a deal.

"If I grant you the power to seek what you will, you will be the prophet of my people."

 Even before Nan was born there was a Thing that followed his bloodline, a Thing that believed Nan could be a child for itself to possess.

"Like others have been before me I too wish to be loved. Adored. Praised. When they see what I have done for you, they will love me."

Nan is a creepy guy, and it's not altogether because of the creeping Thing that follows him. That being said, Nan has never killed anyone. On purpose. Purposely. Like, you know, with intent.

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