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Updating + Growing Up Stylistically

Wow a post about stuff!

So I’m trying to write this post but I keep getting distracted by Little Witch Academia on NF. Ohmygosh it is too cute.


I was going to talk about style changes and also some updates I made to my bjd storage space~

Let’s start with style changes…


Originally I wanted this post to detail all the changes/growth I went through over the past ten years with each doll seperately. But actually, that’s kind of ridiculous. I only have ten minutes to write this whole thing and STRESSSSSSSSS.

So let’s just dive right in! Really the main point I wanted to make was that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that though I love seeing BJDs in the fanciest outfits, that doesn’t really work for my personal collection. When I think about my characters and their development, I can’t just keep putting them in complicate outfits with sparkely bold makeup all the time. It just – for lack of a better term – don’t make no sense. Not for me at least. SO even though I love the more complicated outfits, I spend way more time devising what they would wear on the day to day. It’s kind of…boring. And difficult. But it tells you so much more about someone’s personality than a flashy, one-of-a-kind designer piece that so many purchasable bjd outfits seem to be. I suppose that’s why I find myself making a lot of clothes, there just isn’t much variety of ‘average’ stuff. Er, I feel like there should be some kind of mission statement here? Long live average? Haha how great.

I think I might update this later when I have more time – there is definetly more I want to say on how specific character’s styles have evolved. Mostly Daichi. And mostly because it’s funny. Hurhur.

WELL I’m running late, so it’s time to stop writing.


So late.


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