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Generic New Years Rambles

Okay so here’s the thing – the tradition I have is that whenever I’m disgustingly ill I have to write an entry in some sort of blog. Since I no longer have the ones I kept from middle school to college, I will have to use this one.

So let’s get this started. What will this entry contain? Well;

  • rambles about how I forgot to edit a bunch of videos before the holidays and what will be coming soon

  • rambles about my lofty hobby ambitions

  • silent crying over my supreme lack of funds

Videos I am ridiculously behind, which actually kind of works out because now I’m sick and can’t film anything. So I might as well edit! Huzzah? I have two prompts to get out yet, Molds and Friend’s Reactions to Dolls, both of which are probably sort of ho-hum. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the BJD addicts prompts, but some of them are a little lacking in flavor. I also have one video I’m not sure about posting yet, about sponsoring and viewer support and all that jazz. I just get the feeling that 1) I’m way too small a channel to ask my audience for any kind of financial support even if it all goes toward my channel or 2) my content isn’t quite good enough for anyone to want to support it. Ads are one thing – they are so prevalent on your computer screen people hardly notice them – but asking someone to be your patron is a whole other bucket o’ worms. Squirmy ones. All crawling all over each other and making that gross sound – gchulucguuuu…

So when you’re done imagining that beautiful mental image (if you haven’t clicked away) I’m gonna move on a new series I’ve been thinking of doing which would revolve around how to afford BJDs (or at least how I can afford them). So far I’ve broken it down into three videos – so I guess it would be more of a mini-series? – about money saving habits, preparation, and budgeting. Typing it out, they don’t sound that interesting. But I think it could be a topic that a lot of people are interested in, especially because a decent size of my viewers seem to be beginners in the hobby. And I like to think of myself as a fairly frugal person which occasionally allows me to treat myself with nice stuff. Not always a full doll, sometimes more, usually less, but the point is that maybe I can help others do the same! Or something. We’ll see.

Now let’s move on to my lofty hobby ambitions in the coming year.

First and foremost, I want to talk about SETS. Obviously, I’m still working on my kitchen set. It is taking forever and not going as well as planned, but I really want to make it *amaze*. You will all be startled, STARTLED I tells ya. You’ll be like ‘woah, Pinot, did you shrink down a real human sized kitchen with your shrink ray?’ and I’ll be like ‘Yes, because it was easier to build a shrink ray than a tiny kitchen.’ That is not sarcasm. I am really starting to believe it. So far I’ve got the cabinets (sort of)but no doors, the floors, and an idea (but not the materials) for the backsplash and countertops. I still need to figure out how to make the appliances – I made a trial of a stove but it turned out look flat and fake – not the look I’m going for. I wonder if it is possible to find a small model stove? I even thought of 3D printing but that would get too expensive for a project that I’m trying to keep under 300$ (as a final amount, not including the materials that I waste trying to figure out how to make all the parts). I also need to think about chairs/stools, I think I’m going to go for an island eating area rather than a traditional table and chair set for now.

This is gonna be one fancy ass building they live in, that’s for sure. I’ll probably be weird and make a post about the building later because I’m kind of obsessed with it. Hush.

I also want to get to work on the ‘family room’ – basically a common area of the building where everyone can gather and watch tv/get into fights/have the dramaz happen. A lot of photostories I’ve written need ‘common area’ – so this room and the kitchen (and hallways?) are important. Then I’ll get moving on individual rooms again which I’m super excited for! I’ve designed and re-designed their rooms on paper (and in the sims too xD) and collected quite a large number of artifacts for their personal spaces. I just think a person’s objects, furniture and items say so much about them personality wise. Also, rooms have less big furniture pieces that I know will be difficult to make for 60cm dolls.

Sets aside, I want to get into sewing again. Mostly because I want to be able to give some nice clothing items away when I eventually do ask for pledges. Then they can get cute little care packages as a thank you! The only problem there is that I only have SDs, so any pledge with smaller dolls would be getting a completely a) unusable or b) possibly not fitting because I don’t have anything to test the size on clothing item. So I need to put more thought into this. Even so, I want to sew again because Nan needs clothes. And he’s no the only one who has next-to nothing.

And finally, SCULPTING. Maaaan, I want to sculpt. Some dawls. Some BeeJayDees. It’s been too long. My hands are itching for action. SWEET SCULPTING ACTION. I’m going to do some designs today because I’m sick and can’t do anything that involves the use of my legs which I can only use to walk the ten steps to the bathroom twice a day. Yay?

Anyway, I think that is all I have to say for now. I think.

It is lunch time now, and by lunch I mean another dip into my bedside saltines. #dank

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