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New Series on Channel – Thirsty Thursdays?

HELP. It needs a name. A better, more unique name.

Anyway. I only have ten minutes to write this post so let’s make this snappy!

Tomorrow (hopefully) I will be uploading a video I made two weeks ago with my sister on how to make Cosmopolitan cocktails (and two variations). In order to not be wasteful of materials, we drank everything we made.

That is too many cocktails. Especially because we were filming from two angles and had to make everything twice.

Actually I lied. I didn’t finish the last one I made – the reason will be apparent in the video. Ouch.

I’ve already filmed a second ‘Thirsty Thursday’ and I think I did better the second time around (though I know I’m more comfortable filming alone than with another person) so hopefully when I start editing the video will turn out a lot cleaner, more like how the rest of the series will be. I also decided to film the two separate angles on different days to avoid the general mess that happened in the first video.

I feel like I’m really bad mouthing this first video. It’s kind of funny – I’m just not totally happy with it. I’m just really excited about this series and want it to be enjoyable and to do well. Obviously, if nobody watches these videos I won’t keep making them. There just isn’t enough time. And I still don’t exactly know how to film them.

Don’t get me wrong, I have ideas for what direction I want to go in with this (more or less). But it’s all a learning process, and I know that the formula for making these new videos will become clear. I hope.

So we’ve got Cosmos this week, a Sidecar next week, and I believe the next week will be something with gin. I’ve ended up starting with more classic cocktails and as I get more used to filming this type of video I’ll start to branch out more.

And gosh! Look at that! I’m already out of time! One day I’ll write a blog post that is really nice and EVERYONE WILL LOVE IT.

wow. That was aggressive. Hm.


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