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Kitchen Set (update 1)

Wow! My first post on this blog about what I said I would actually be posting about on here!


So, yeah. This BJD kitchen I’m making (that I started on like 6 months ago haha. hah.) has finally progressed!

But first – the DL on what this kitchen set is supposed to be;

  • This is a full, 3 dimensional set with everything but working electricity (or plumbing, hah)

  • The scale is for 1/3 dolls, so the set will sort of be 1/3 of a human room. Which is big.

  • So it has to be easy to take apart and store. Because I live in an apartment and not a mansion with a secret batcave filled with bjd stuff though that would be cool

  • I want this to look as realistic as possible. By that, I mean that I want to avoid using cardboard/paperboard, foam, scarpbook paper…and instead use as many ‘real’ materials I can get my hands on – wood, tile, fabric, etc.

  • But I’m also an artist, which in this case is not code for ‘I’m super creative praise me’ but ‘I’m super poor omg why don’t I have any useful skills’. So this whole project has to be fairly inexpensive. I am hoping to keep the final price tag for you guys under 100 dollars. It will not be that for me, because I have to go through the whole process of trail and error to see what actually works. *weeps*

  • SO as much as I’d love to use actual wood for a floor, some parts of this scene will have to be made from papery materials. Weirdly enough, the cheaper looking material is sometimes more expensive, though often easier to work with.

  • I want to keep this to something almost anyone can make, which means no power tools and hopefully no one-of-a-kind finds.

Alright, I think that’s everything. So what was that update I was talking about? Weeeeell…


BumbadaBAH~! Amazing. I had (foolishly) bought granite patterned contact paper which ran about 20 dollars and wouldn’t even cover the cost of whatever I would eventually use as the weight/girth of the counters (what I would wrap the paper around – wasn’t exactly sure how to say that). THIS stuff is tile from a home improvement store and cost less than 3 dollars per piece. It kind of gives the appearance of laminate but has the weight and texture I want. And 3 bucks. Come on.

Also, lookit dat sneak peak of how high the counters will be. I may raise them juuust a bit higher, but maybe not. #notvague

My only worry now is the sink. I still don’t know how to make any stainless steel stuff, but the problem now is that the sink has to somehow fit in the counter. I suppose I could do some kind of weird free-standing kitchen sink…? But without the option of powertools there is no way I can cut this tile to make room for a sink. So maybe that granite contact paper will come in handy yet!? MORE THOUGHTS REQUIRED.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my ~*~*magical*~*~ find, especially after braving home depot for this.

Seriously. I dislike that place a lot.


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