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Well, I’ve Already Spent the Money, So I Might As Well Tell You the Dumb Thing I Did Now

That would be the title of my album if I was ever a popular musician. In fact, that would probably be the title of all my albums. And all the songs would be like ‘Whoops- I spilled beer on your white couch’ and ‘Sorry for getting so mad at you when you pointed out that I forgot my own birthday’ and ‘go away – I’m tired’ and ‘yes I bought light up shoes and yes I am over twelve’.

Okay, I know what your thinking; ‘That’s cool and all, but when can I buy your CD?’

Wait, CD? CD? CD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? COMPACT DISC?!?!?!?!??! Obviously I meant for 94 cents which comes out first in Australia and then on amazon. ONLY on amazon. Because that’s just the .biz.

The point is, this post has nothing to do with music at all and hardly anything about business except that of a personal nature. My own personal .biz. I bought a pet for Herbert. And I sincerely hope you all enjoy it. It is going to be a horrible failure – OR it could be great.


so anyway bye then


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