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Hey, Remember Those Dollie Makeovers?

Because you should! It was the last post I made in this blog over three months ago! Wow! Well, if you didn't happen to read that last entry over and over again for the past three months I'll give you a little reminder of what I was up to:

I was taking ALL OF THESE:


Off of Casper's body. When I last posted he looked like this:

Which was an improvement over the drug-store temporary tattoos that I had on him which (as you can see) were full of pirate-themed nautical life and Ed Hardy-esque insects, with some stylized dragons and scene kid stars thrown in for good measure. Casper was always meant to have lots of tattoos, but not like this. And not the seamless sleeves of a person who designs, saves money, and works with an tattoo artist to bring their dream to life. He was supposed to have tattoos that made you think 'were you even conscious when you got that? Did you get that one in prison? Oh my, that one you're going to regret for the rest of your life.'

I also wanted his tats to look as if they had varying ages - I'm no good at painting so anything I'd do with my own hand I already knew would end up too thick and opaque - plus I wanted to use some text and my handwriting is abysmal.

All those qualifying factors left me with just two options; send his arms out to an artist to be painted or use temporary tattoos again. I went with the latter, the former being too expensive and involving a lot of shipping I didn't want to hassle with.

So began the journey of the temporary tattoos! I found some pre-made ones that I liked and weren't too pricey, but my best find was temporary tattoo paper you can put in your printer and print whatever you like! So now Casper has an assortment of phrases that make sense for him in fonts I was able to choose, some of my own digital artwork, even some nice frankensteined google images that were labeled for reuse. Huzzah!

I'll have pictures as soon as I find time to take them and update this post then. Hope you guys enjoy!


well, the editing is not even, but I'm moving tomorrow and need to unplug my modem and router soon, so HERE THEY ARE YAY

I'm really enjoying his 'realms beyond' on his chest and the 'slut you need a nose job'. That's like, how I imagine Casper. One day he'd be like 'I'm so amazing and magical, give me a painful chest tattoo to prove it. I have a high pain tolerance' and the next day he'd be like 'oH MY GoSH, you are SO CUTE! HerE's a neEDLe, gIVE mE a TatTOO andthenI'llmakeoutwithyou'.

ANYWAY I hope you enjoyed seeing a close look at Casper's new tats. Hopefully the overall message is 'I'm a total mess!' because that's what I was going for. Yeah!

Oh, and if you're CURIOUS...I took this pictures the day before I moved out of my old apartment. One of Casper's eyes had popped out of place but I everything was already packed, so ~ just ignore the missing eyeball. x3

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