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And I'm Back!

Wow! Ok. When I moved I knew I was going to be gone for a few days, but I was thinking maybe 5 - maybe a week. Of course as I got settled in I noticed my computer wasn't 100%.

IT HAD SEEMED SO SIMPLE. Just a column of keys not working, annoying but nothing serious. Right?!

I take my computer to the computer doctor and when he finally called me back (half a week later than he'd originally said) he told me that he'd ordered a new part but upon installing it realized my computer was probably possessed by a demon.

Well he didn't say those words exactly, but listen here: my computer was filled with mysterious black ash that had no scent. He thought maybe it had been in a fire or I'd put the fan near an ash tray, but neither being the case - dundunDUN. Spooky I tells ya.

He also said that the power button was being weird but when he tried to fix it, the new cord started glowing red. I kid you not. This is the real deal.

SO I ended up having to buy an entirely new computer before my (much beloved) old one ended up shorting out and setting my apartment on fire. Or more likely just breaking again.

OF COURSE while all this is happening, an older gentleman with a laptop from 2005 comes in and asks about 100 inane questions (how do I print a website? Where can I get the updated version of word perfect?) because he wants to buy a new computer. Despite only using his computer for emailing and Microsoft office, he decides to buy the only computer that can handle my graphical needs the store had in stock. I swear he heard me ask about it and then decided that he didn't want me to have it.

I mean, that's probably not what was going through his mind. He so confused - he kept asking if he could run windows 7 and 10 on the same computer simultaneously. Just...why? Anyway, the whole day was just one big fat floofin' failure.

Luckily the super sweet guy working there stayed open late for me to go over some new computer options that he could order in, and now (only two and half weeks late) I have a working computer again!

The whole point of this, though, is that I've just spent a truckload of money buying a powerful new computer that won't keep crappin' out on me (and can play witcher 3 on ultra, heh) which...pretty much destroys all the money I'd been saving for doll stuff. I'm still hoping to get some things done this spring, but the rest of the year's looking like a bunch of saving again. Hopefully (I'm between part-time jobs at the moment to accommodate for all the stupid traveling I've been having to do for family reasons) I'll be getting a new job soon and that will really help offset the cost of this thing.

But hey, when your computer is possessed and some guy buys the cheaper option and a friendly salesman does his job and talks you into special ordering a super fancy computer, what can you do?

So yeah, I'm back, my new computer is badder than Micheal Jackson's Bad, and I'm more broke than my old computer filled with a black ash of unknown origin. Sigh.

Hopefully more doll-related stuff is coming soon! I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to be crafting/filming in my new place yet, but I should be able to get a lot more done now that I'm up and running again.

And here's a random thought I had the other day; what if I turned one of my BJD character's backstories into a game? Like, an RPG maker game? I'm thinking Mars? I kind of had a strange idea about it...

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