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Ballad of a Mistake-Maker


sometimes i just don't understand myself.

Somehow I managed to upload the unedited version of a video I had spent at least 3 hours editing. I mean, I had cut that sucker in half. 9:something to 4:something. Color correction. Everything. Ugh.

Not to mention it was a scripted video, so there were probably a ton of super long pauses and repeating myself and weird noises and rubbing my eye and saying dumb stuff and UGH WHY FOREVER WEEPING

Anyway. Anyway anyway. At least I got up the new cocktail form today! It's under the 'Inspired Elixirs' tab. I still have NO IDEA what the interest level is because whenever I ask, no one says a damn thing about it. I thought I could use my patreon to gauge interest but if I did that, I would have stopped making videos by now. Hah.

So I'm just going for it and seeing what happens.

ANYWAY that's my sob story for the day. I'm going to film the first cocktail video I will have filmed this month and probably get a little tipsy because I can't remember the last time I had hard alcohol. Hmmmmm

floppy buckets.

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