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Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody! Woohoo!

Aside from 2$ tacos and lots and lots of margaritas, another awesome thing happened today; I got my shipping notice from April Story!


I am SO PUMPED UP! SO EXCITED! It's been over a year since I last ordered anything doll related (all these people commenting on my videos like 'I just bought 3 dolls lolololololol' are killin' me! I'm so jealous!) so it will be a lot of fun to do another box opening. EVEN THOUGH I never wanted to go above a certain number of dolls...I'm still real excited.

BUT SEE, THE THING IS, I live in a 1 bedroom apartment. I just don't have infinite space to store all these dolls. It makes me feel like maybe it was a bad idea to get 'other forms' of my current dolls. But hey - the main thing is storing the bodies, so as long as I don't go overboard with those I'm ok. Probably.

Also, damn I feel so proud of myself, let me just tell you;

I even planned out what to do if this experiment is a total failure. I'm going to try these two sculpts as alternate versions of Chelsea and Daichi at first, but if that really doesn't jive then I'm going to see if either of them can work as the reshelled version of my character Ally, who I've been struggling to reshell for actual years.


I'd love to reshell Tybalt as well, while I'm on the topic, but I can't seem to find exactly what I want. He's not supposed to be the paleness, you know? He's got some melanin in that skin of his. His hair is supposed to be a terrible mess that's like half limp afro half scrub brush. I even did a photostory once where he had just gotten his hair relaxed. I really don't want to get another incarnation of him that's normal skin - because 'normal skin' is just way too pale to be Tybalt's normal skin. But I can't find a sculpt that comes in a suitable skintone as of yet. Ya'll know how it is.

Geeze, reshelling. I'd really like to get into photostories again (even if I'm not very good, they're still fun to make) but almost all my photostories contain Tybalt or Ally as characters, so I can't really do anything. Floopie floppy buckets.*

I'm still excited though! Whether they work as Daichi and Chelsea or if one of them becomes Ally or if I sell both heads and use the bodies (I did say that this would be year of the bodies) I will at least have something~! And who doesn't love box openings? Sharing in the joy, seeing something new, I know I used to be a total fiend on that box-opening thread on Den of Angels. Youtube is a fun place to see box openings too - though there's something that's slightly more endearing to me about box opening photos over videos. Could be because box opening videos often feature long quiet moments (interrupted only by the majestic sounds of ripping cardboard) and most people don't show their excitement in super visible ways - I always feel like that when I'm editing my box opening videos. I'll think 'geeze, I was really so excited. Why do I look so calm and sound so reserved?' Maybe instead of just making a video I'll take pictures and post them here! That might be fun.

It should only be about a week before they arrive (fingers crossed they aren't super delayed) so hopefully I can post more about that soon! Whee~

*I'm getting into the habit of using 'child safe swearing' where I'd normally say something vulgar or use profanity, I have no idea why, what is happening to me, I spend 0% of my time around children. 0.

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