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Yep, well, they arrived. Yay! If I wasn't so freakishly tired I could probably muster up some more excitement, but I'M TIRED OH MY GOSH

Anyway! Here's a little preview - I'm posting a bit more on my Patreon for my few lil' patrons there - and I'll come back and update this post when I post the video next week. For now, enjoy;

Left: Eternal Spring Girl on NS 13 Boy Body Right: Sleeping Luke on NS 17 Boy Body

Hand comparison between the two bodies. Both hands are more 'masculine' than a lot of BJD sculptors make them, but the NS 17 has super veiny hands. VEINS FOR DAYS.

I'll update next week! :D


And now for the stuff my lovely patrons got to see last week;

New vs old, 'realism' vs 'stylized' in my own collection. Two forms of Daichi and Chelsea each! So weird~ First up, Daichi:

Daichi (the original) is a CP Shiwoo (or fairlyland Shiwoo, though when they split from eLuts I don't think they continued to cast this sculpt?) and the new is an Eternal Spring on the Junior body. What do ya'll think? I'm pretty happy with the way their profiles match even with Spring's proportions being more even. I've actually already started working on the faceups and decided to blush this head to match Daichi's old (and pretty yellow) body. They've both got a jointless torso, and I just can't imagine Daichi on any body but the way too curvy but super adorable original luts body he's been on for 10+ years.

It still weirds me out that the Spring head is so small compared to the Shiwoo head. None of Daichi's old wigs or eyes fit, so I'll have to get a lot of new stuff. Well, not a lot, but still. NEW EYES. I'll probably make a wig for him - eventually.

BUT WHAT ABOUT CHELSEA wowlots of caps today

Here the change is a little more dramatic. I wanted Chelsea to 'grow up' a little bit - fairyland sculpts always look a little young to me even after to get passed the very stylized proportions. He's still got a smallish chin, but now he's got a stronger jaw and slightly less face pudge, as well as that nose I LOVE THAT NOSE. Look at how it turns up at the end. omgsocute

They've got similar brow bones too, though of course Luke is a 'sleeping' version so he's got a a slightly different expression. I've done his faceup already and I'm not entirely satisfied with it, but then again, this head is a pretty far departure from a Fairyland El. Could be that it will take more getting used to.

The body is dramatically different too. More muscular, broader shoulders, but somehow a bit gangly. Not 100% if he'll be keeping this body - I might try and switch it with Yana? It would be a perfect body for Tybalt if Tib was pale and had a head right now. We'll see I guess.

Anyway! That's all I've got to show for now. Hopefully soon I'll get some new pictures with faceups and what have you. Woo!

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