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Guess what I'm doooing~

Here's a hint: it's wig-related. BUT FIRST, SOMETHING TOTALLY NOT BJD RELATED;

I've been looking to add a new addition to my household (and this time it isn't a plant or an inanimate object!) so the past few days have been a lot of running around, lifting, and hives on my face (so no filming, whoops).

Yes! I'm looking to get a puppy. Will I actually get one? I have no idea. I seem to be allergic to the most allergen-free dogs out there. But I'm still looking.

Previously up for consideration were also; cat, rabbit, and bird, but I'm allergic to all of them too, so I might as well go for the animal that I prefer.

ANYWAY, now that I've had my say about THAT, on to the stuff ya'll really care about.

So I'm finally starting work on Daichi's wig (for his eternal spring head) that will match an old one I made for him (for his Shiwoo head). I finally found the original photos of that wig - these were taken right before I set the style so, you know, beware of giant hairclips. Also beware of shaky photos. I have incredibly unsteady hands for someone my age? Eh.

Original wig (slideshow)

Well, I'd like to say my hands have gotten steadier (they haven't) and that I'm better at cutting hair now (nope) BUT I suppose pobody's nerfect.

That wig is from 2011 and after all this time has passed I see areas I'd like to do a little differently. I still like the blunt cut-off points for the rainbow, but most of the colors aren't layered too well and the blue is hardly visible at all. So naturally, that's the color I decided to start with.

Ta-dah! This super contrasty picture shows the color a little bit lighter than in real life, but that's pretty much what I got with my test run today. Usually I like to dye fiber after it's all been combed out nice and pretty so you get even color throughout, but today I am using a new acid dye so I thought 'hey, what the hell, let's just toss a tangled mess in there'

I'm picking up more alpaca hair soon and testing out more of the new dye colors I have. I'll be so happy if they all work out - even though acid dye is a pain it's much cheaper than using human hair dye (which has given me the best color results on alpaca hair so far but isn't always smudge-proof).

And speaking of rainbows - wanna know something awesome? I went to a party on monday (on a rooftop! I feel so city life!) and there was a short 10 minute rainstorm. Instead of going inside everyone held a tarp over the the DJ booth and continued to dance (probably the strangest thing I've done at a party. Is that super boring?) and we were blessed with a DOUBLE RAINBOWWWW

I was like 'what why did I take this shot of tequila I'm getting really wet hope I don't fall off this roof WOW TWO RAINBOWS'

And see? Double rainbow, double rainbow wigs, it's a sign that this will be my best wig EVER. Or it was the just the rain. But whatever. Still cool.

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