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Yo, yo yo yo, y, yo yo yo

So it's been like THREE MONTHS since I last posted in this blog talking about a 'mini hiatus', LOL. OH NO.

I've been playing catch-up for that long. My new job started at the end of July, so I never caught up on filming, editing, and only barely managed to keep on top of comments. Seriously, how does it take me so long to do everything? I must have been a turtle in my last life.

Anyway, I FINALLY got my etsy store up and running ( though I don't have a huge amount of stock (though more than expected thanks to a bunch of older dreadlocks I had laying around and wanting to go to new homes). I'm still working on adding a few more things - tattoo packs, accessories, and little free gifts to make the shopping experience more fun! Whee~

But I don't really want to talk about the Etsy store anymore. It consumed my life for two months and now I want a lovely, long break. And by long, I mean three days. THREE WHOLE DAYS. It's my first long weekend since I started working and I'm going to relax, damnit.

I just wanted to make this post to remind you that I'M NOT DEAD, this blog isn't dead, and maybe sometime soon I'll be updating with some world building stuff? Or some BJD wishlist stuff? Speaking of, expect absolutely NO surprise dolls or box openings this holiday season. All my money is going toward rent and paying off my credit card, which keeps accumulating more money somehow (websites are expensive, man).

So let's do a quick catch up! I'm not getting a dog (thought I was before) but my parents are (he's showing up on the 31st and they AREN'T naming him after a horror movie, what the hell?!), I got broken up with (I think - more on this never), I helped my sister move to California (and I'm visiting her in November! yay!), and I'm still picking up way too many projects for one person to handle (why do I do this to myself? I'm just making all these projects go that. much. slower.). HOW HAVE YA'LL BEEN?! I hope well!!

And just for kicks, let's end of this random picture that did really poorly on instagram XDXDXD

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