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New Faceups! Again!

Hey all!

To make up for my lack of posting on youtube, I'm going to post here! Yay!

This month has been pretty busy so far - I'm in the middle of a six day work week (bleh) and I'm just waiting for Thanksgiving when I get to see my sister in the city of angels! I'm finally going to get the chance to wear something other than pajamas or work clothes!

Anyway, I've not had time to film recently because I've been working on some doll-projects. This time around I've re-done both Daichi and Chelsea's faceups for the 16millionth time. I tried to use Yana's faceup as a sort of guide - I just couldn't get them to look right with the style of faceups I normally do. I also had to pick up some nicer quality watercolor pencils and even THEN had some trouble with getting even color on Chelsea's face - seriously - what the heck is the matter with his eyelids?! They won't take color evenly no matter what I do *weeps forever*

Overall, I'm happy enough with them to get me through the winter. I won't be changing them anytime soon now that snow has started to fall - it was already a mess trying to get Chelsea sealed yesterday when temps were in the 40's. I know that's not the ideal temperature to be using sealant, but hey. It worked. ish.

Now that they're 'decent' I thought I'd make some new wigs for them! Chels because he hasn't had one wig yet, and Dai because I overdid the color on his rainbow wig and those bold colors don't quite match his character. The rainbow was supposed to be more 'scene kid ala 2006' but looks more like 'here's my pridefest hair'. Just doesn't fit his character as much, yanno?

So I've been sketching out what I think would work for both of them, now I just need to gather up the courage to actually start on something. That means cleaning more alpaca hair, dyeing more alpaca hair, and generally living in a giant mass of alpaca hair, which I'm just not into since none of my hair has sold yet XD Ideally, I'd like to move a bit of hair before I junk of my dining room table with VM and dirt again xp

But we'll see. I'd also like Daichi and Chelsea to have full heads of hair before the new year so I can feel accomplished and take a pretty picture for the obligatory doll fam update. Ya dig? I mean, I don't want to speak for you, but you probably dig.

Pictures of the new faceups:: and gosh wig caps too ((fun fact, I made chels' wig cap right before I redid his faceup, so it took if off his head for the final coat to dry. Such a poor choice. It shrunk so much XD))



Thanks for reading! :D

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