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Haha, not really. I lied. FORGIVE MEEE Eee


Okay. Hi. I'm a blog post! Fill me with words! Lorem Epsum.

I'm feeling very creative today, Lorem Epsum. I'm not sure I've spelled that correctly.

I just want to play seventeen hours straight of Middle Earth: SOW, and then play some more many my friiiiiiieeeeeeeennnnndddddsssss

The Adventures of Tally and Kelly-Bimbo; Orc Hos

Best game.

Is this post about ball-joint-dolls? Because it's supposed to be. Let's get to the SUPER IMPORTANT PART - or rather just the updates part, as the super-important part was made up.

So here's what's new! (other than a renewed obsession with Uruk-Hai)

Thobias finally got a body! Wowee! That sure is spiffy. I did a celebratory photoshoot with Chels since the two are both dEmOnSz, but I really need to work on photographing my taller boys! And dolls that are standing. And more than one doll at once. And just really the whole thing in general.

None of the pictures came out SUPER AWESOME but I posted this one on insta anyway;

So now those of you who don't have instagram (I feel you) can see it too! And all its...not at all overwhelming-ness. I also got creative when I was editing and decided to add some lovely hand-drawn plant texture I found laying around on my computer, but that didn't get posted nowhere. Hey, my double negative worked.

Get it? Because it's posted here? Hah, grammar humor.

ANYWAY, now I have Thobo and Yana on AprilStory senior bodies ('17-'18) and Chelsea on the old AprilStory body (from '16) which is a tad stockier. We'll see how that works out - I really liked Chels on the taller body BUT I'm not sure if Yana is going to be much taller or just a bit taller than my 60 cm boys...

Once I master taking a picture with more than one doll that might be a real concern for me - you know, the heights of 'em. I guess for now it doesn't mean too much XD

I ALSO made Muno and Citrus new wigs. Muno's isn't finished yet and probably won't be for a while - I'm sick of the dyeing process more than anything else and sick of bits of alpaca hair floating around everywhere. Like I'm breathing at least 20% alpaca hair right now. My poor asthma lungs are probably full of hair. They're turning into werewolves. Werealpacas. I'd watch that movie. Eh, maybe. If I was bored and not feeling too well.

ANYWAY you can already check out the video for Muno's wig but I'll throw up (ew) this picture of it anyway, because WHY NOT

I need new backgrounds for photo-taking. Srsly. You can also kind of see the updates I did to his faceup (though they are very tender at the moment because I can't seal them until the weather warms up a bit - eek). Basically I just added 'painterly' detail to his mouth and eyes, then increased the shading around his nose, jaw, forehead and chin to give his face more dimension. Hopefully that updates what was already a super pretty faceup! And once his wig is done he'll be Thoroughly Modern Muno.

Citrus' wig was a lot more fun to make. First off, I wasn't concerned with dying the roots a different color so I could just throw hair in the dye bath without a care in the world! Second, it wasn't layered hair that causes such stress (for me, anyway). And third - I just love Citrus' cute wittle face and all the colors made me so happy unlike stupid boring brown and blonde GOSH MUNO WHY

So yeah. Cit's face could probably use some updating as well - or just a whole new faceup because the sealant is starting to yellow quite a bit - but I just love his face and I don't want to change it it's so freakin cute hesugolhawlehg

But who knows?! Maybe he can be EVEN CUTER. EVEN MORE CITRUS.

I'm calling his last wig (the dark green one with triangle bangs) his 'winter' hair because it was so much deeper in color than he normally is. That would make this wig his 'spring' hair and I think that's pretty fitting! I'm working on the video for this wig now and realizing I talk waaaay too much about color scheme and other probably pointless things that should get cut out...IT'S JUST sometimes I cut stuff out and later someone asks the EXACT question the bits I cut out would have addressed. SO YOU NEVER KNOW.

Wow, I'm lovin' the caps key today. Just lovin' it. Almost as much as Tally loves his orcs. ALMOST.


But really now. Let's have the picture.

I must say - I really dislike Citrus' jointed hands. I think I'm going to get him a pair of cute sculpted ones because these pose in really clunky ways and the finger joints detract from his cuteness. Maybe someone like Thobo or Chels could use them more effectively.

Anyway, DO YOU LOVE IT?! Shh, don't notice that Citrus has been in the same T-Shirt for at least four videos....

This wig is a little different from the last one - other than the obvious color and bang style this wig also goes much farther back into the dreads, so there's alpaca hair peeking out under the locks - not just in front. That gives it a more 'wild rose' kind of look, right? A kind of feral child feel, but also a candy carnival. That was sort of the theme. Wild new growth of spring if spring was a theme park.

I think I really like it, even though a few of my alpaca colors got lost in the mix. But time will tell. I already know I'm more into these brighter colors than the more primaries I used last time - they still make an appearance here but on a much smaller scale. See, I wanted to kind of mix his last wig with his original dreadlock wig. Let's look at the math;


Does it make sense?? Yes??

But there are already some things I don't like about this wig, namely the method of attaching the dreadlocks. A few people have commented on my videos that I should be using hot glue to attach hair, which I'm sure works well for people who are used to using hot glue as their medium (I am super clumsy with hot glue, it just gets everywhere and sticks to my clothes and hands FILLS ME WITH FRUSTRATIONS), so when it came to put on the dreadlocks I decided to try my hand at the method.

The locks went on fast, I'll tell you that. SO FAST. Much faster than sewing. And that part was great.

What's less great, at least for me, is that if you aren't paying super close attention to what you're doing the locks don't lay correctly. I took a (really sort of blurry) picture of the back of Citrus' wig you can see in the video and you can clearly see some locks where the loop is super visible - that wouldn't happen so blatantly in sewing! So, it does take longer to sew, but you can actually be more careless about how you attach your locks. INTERESTING.

That all being said my main concern about hot glue is that I live in a place that gets both super hot and cold and is often humid. That makes for expanding glue and I'm not sure how long it will keep a nice hold. Ya dig? I mean, mod podge will expand and contracts quite a bit for me already, I don't know what all that hot glue will do. Time well tell!

ANYWAY, next up in a round of updates will be a character you guys have heard almost nothing about - Marcel! Why is Marcel getting a new wig and mods when he doesn't even have his own character profile?! I don't know at all!!! (If you're curious, check out the 'Herbert West' character profile)

So many of my dolls need work/projects, and the more I work on those the less time I have for playing Middle Earth - er - I mean making videos. But hopefully that will change soon! I'm working on rearranging my work schedule so I'm not so swamped 24/7 that the only way I can relax is binge playing video games until it's time to work again.



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