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Updates, Sewing, and Mods!

Hey all! So this is going to be linked to a youtube video so let's sort two things out first;

ONE - the reason for those massive bags under my eyes is because my neighbors were blasting music all night long and I got NO SLEEP. It was a struggle. I hate St. Pattys weekend so much omg.

TWO - in regards to what I mentioned about my lack of posting, comment responding, etc - basically, I've gone on a new anxiety/depression medication and it has really taken a toll on me physically while my body acclimates to it. I've not had the energy I feel like I need to be going through the youtube process, but I'm not ending my channel or leaving the hobby or anything! I just need some time :)

ANYWAY, the projects~!

Since I've been taking some time off video-making, I've been able to get a few more doll projects done. I haven't been sewing too much since I was a freshman in college so I'm not the best ever...or even as good as I used to be. Whoops!

Even so, it was fun to get some projects done! I often find myself buying cheap clothes in stores just so I can use the fabric for doll clothes later on so I finally made a little dent in my 'random clothes to be made into tiny outfits one day' pile. Woohoo!

Like I said in the video, not everything is done. That fabric of Muno's shirt can still yield 2-3 more shirts and I certainly have left overs from the dinosaur, cross, and pineapple fabric. Maybe I'll make more and put them up on the etsy store? Not to mention Thobo's pants and Lemon's shorts are not completed, Thobo needs fitting and Lemon needs a waistband. WILL THE SEWING NEVER END?!

Seriously, it is way too easy to just stop when you know it looks good enough and the unfinished part won't show up in pictures. The laziness is real.

Overall I'm quite happy with how things are turning out - maybe I'll get really into sewing again! That would be something. Then I'd have alpaca fiber and scraps of fabric all over my apartment! Yaaaaaay XD

I've also been having a good time with these mods for Marcel, even though they aren't the 'final product' so to speak. I never get to sculpt anymore and I've never sculpted on a doll before, so it's been interesting trying to put this together. Actually, as I was attaching the dried clay it started to break, which is why there are some random 'chunky' parts. I was attaching it with hot glue which dried WAY too quickly for me to place it, but using mod podge made the job much easier (hot glue and me are just not friends. I don't know why). Then it was just a matter of paint, gloss, and more mod podge.

Of course since none of this is really 'final' I'm not too concerned with how it looks but what I learned. Mostly I learned that I should probably find a smaller zipper and that I really dislike his current faceup - what was I thinking with that blue on his lips? Just bad XD I think when it gets a bit warmer I'll have a lot of fun with this head though, doing more mods to his face and maybe to his hands.

He actually stands really well on those hands if you're curious. Pretty much the same as any other doll that has - you know - the rest of its body.

That's all I got for now! Let's end on this rando picture of Lemon, Citrus, and Thobo right after I finished sewing for the day.

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