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Nightfall at the Tiger's Eye Motel

Once upon a time at the Tiger's Eyes Motel...


that has nothing to do with anything. Literally just typing words.

I wanted to share some updates with ya'll because I'm filming today (hopefully, if the person next to me decides to stop sawing a hole in their wall apparently).

First off, let's get a sneak peek at Nan's new hair. I know I STILL haven't talked about his character much but I've only had him about two years which for me seems like a really short time. So far I really like what I've done but the color isn't *quite* right, so SIGH, we'll be seeing another round shortly.

I'll talk about this more in the video, but I tried something really new with this 'wig' and I like the outcome! As an added bonus, when I take this one off to fix a new color I'll get to see how much (if any) staining occurred.

I've also got a new arrival to share! Say hello to Terren, everyone! He's a Ramcube Diz and after a wig and some clothes and some eyes and very minor faceup adjustments I think he'll be GORGEOUSLY PERFECT~

I don't have proper pics yet but I'm working on the box opening video and I DO have this one I took to try and figure out what kind of wig I want to make him.

Once I do a little character video these colors might make more sense - maybe - but at the very least you can expect the purple and limey yellow.

I've also been working on some quick little drawings of my characters for ending animations for my videos - nothing much but something small I've been working on when I've got a few minutes of spare time. It's also been helpful to figure out color combinations - I'd been in a very green and blue place lately (you'll see it reflected in my own hair color soon) so I wanted to ensure I'm not going overboard. But really - can you have too much chartreuse? Maybe some people can, but not I.

I wonder if you can recognize everyone?! Some, like Yana and Nan and Stefan, you haven't seen in a long time. Terren is new and Tib looks TOTALLY different from when I last had him - can you guess who he is? I'm sure those like Lemon and Citrus are obvious. Blep. XD

Anyway thanks for staying with us tonight at the Tiger's Eye Motel! Er, I mean reading my blog post.

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