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I'm Back! But Also, I'm...not back.


I'm gone for three weeks and the DAY I get home my apartment is like 'lol you can't live here anymore' and my boss is like 'lol we didn't mean to pay you so we're gonna need that back' so I've spent the first day home trying to fix all these issues and try to get back in sync with a schedule and omg I'm so stressed so now I'm like SCREW ALL THAT. WINE.

So now I'm drinking wine in my 91 degree apartment trying not to die of dehydration and eating a pizza by myself. PIZZA!

I mean, this is my life. This could be my clinical depression talking, but I used to be a child once - a child with potential (uh, maybe). What the hell happened? XD

Anyway. Lifetime movie of the moment is The Perfect Assistant (2008). Wine of the moment is a pre-opened 3 week old of bottle of chardonnay I forgot I had in my fridge that tastes like A) the onion I forgot to throw out B) the spaggeti squash pasta I forgot to throw out C) vinegar or D) All of the above.

ugh. what is wrong with me?

#TRAVELSTRESS jk I don't understand social media. Or anything social. Or most media.


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