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So what are the updates? HERE WE GO

Patreon ONCE AGAIN I totally forgot about it and am trying to motivate myself to actually give you guys some cool benefits for supporting my work.

First off, my patreon has switched from 'paid post' (I decide when to charge you) to 'monthly' (charged once per month). I think people may be more comfortable with that and I was only charging once a month anyway, so it makes sense. XP

Second, my tiers are all going through updates. I'm making it a lot cheaper to support me and giving benefits that you guys will enjoy. As of now, the breakdown is as follows:

-Non-patrons can see my goals, some info on me, links to my other sites, and posts involving large updates (for my youtube channel or etsy store).

-Tier 1 is just to support me! It will be 1$, and it will give you access to my inspiration or advice posts on patreon - these normally have to do with youtube as a platform or with staying motivated as an artist.

-Tier 2 patrons get access to slightly more content. For 2$ a month you'll be able to see and comment on upcoming video or project ideas, see some commentary about previous videos, and get access to any competitions/giveaways I decide to run in the future!

-Tier 3 patrons will get the most of their 3$ a month commitment. These guys will know about competitions/giveaways early, see extra content from videos/special messages, view WIPs of videos, projects, and photos, and maybe more!

I'm considering doing a sort of 'basket' thing as well for patrons who want to give more, or who give a large one-time donation. I mentioned in my videos that I'm starting to sculpt some accessories and sew some clothes, so I may consider doing a sort of 'monthly subscription' thing for dolls. This is a BIG maybe, so I'd love to hear some thoughts on this! It all depends on how many people are interested and the cost/time it would take to put something like that together.


So I haven't actually mentioned this in a video yet (I will next week), but I'm considering starting a sort of community tumblr for BJD hobbyists that has more of a focus on owner-to-owner interaction than just commenting on pictures of pretty dolls. I thought it might be a good place for people to meet their peers, form artist/crit relationships, and be a nice resource for people's personal BJD themed websites. Everyone would get their own owner profile, there would be owner spotlights, maybe even prizes for those who are really active and social in the community. To my knowledge a site like this doesn't exist yet and I think it would be awesome to have a place to be social and get to know one another as doll-collectors and artists rather than just knowing each other's dolls :D I'm putting together a sort of 'proposal' for this now and I'll post a video about it next week, so stay tuned for more details!

Right now my etsy store is pretty freakin' empty! I'm doing a lot of thinking about what direction I want to take my etsy sore and I think even though I have a lot of fun making wigs, the time it takes for me to clean and process alpaca fiber just isn't worth the money I make from it. I love the idea of 'giving back' to the community in some way, I'm just thinking it will be more along the lines of clothing or accessories. Plus, I miss sculpting so much, and it would be awesome to get some custom things out that just aren't available for BJDs! I'm talking horns, antlers, stylish eyeglasses, maybe more! I'm totally down to hear some prop ideas if you guys want to throw any in a youtube comment or something ^__^ It will likely be QUITE SOME TIME before you see anything going up in my etsy store again. I'm super busy right now trying to set up all the above stuff, filming, working at a part-time job I might lose soon (shhh), looking for a new part-time job....*weeps*

I hardly ever remember to update stuff, but as I work on getting my schedule to a functional place I'm trying to carve out some time to really DO something with this blog. Here and patreon is where you'll see most of my 'updates' posts like this one, but here's what else to expect; For starters, anytime I link to 'further information' from a YT video, it will lead you here. This will be different from updates, which will likely lead to the same info but on my Patreon page. I also want to post more about random BJD stuff - dolls I wish I could buy, rambles about character development and creation, extra photos that don't end up on Instagram, all the stuff that doesn't fit on my youtube or patreon pages.

Finally you may occasionally see some other art-related stuff here, probably just as parts of other posts. Sometimes I want to share random crap like 'wow, look at how well my plant is doing' and it just doesn't make sense to add it into a structured video. SO now you can find that random silly stuff here!

ALRIGHTY, I think that's everything! Whew! Thanks for reading this far and if you have comments/questions/suggestions feel free to comment or contact me in some way.

Enjoy your day! <3

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