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Body For Sale!!

Doll Family A1/3 boy body-4 young boy*

*This is a nude body ONLY with no head, no make-up, no outfit, no shoes, etc.


+nude body in normal pink skin

+Original box with two blankets

This is a great body! Check out my review of it here. I really wish I could keep it but it doesn't fit into my collection :(


height with head 56cm

height without the head 49CM head size 21cm neck size 9cm shoulder width 12.5cm arm length 18cm bust size 23cm waist size 18.2cm hip size 24.6cm leg length 28cm feet size 6.4cm

Skin is normal pink. I don't have other normal pink resin to compare it to, but you can check out this helpful comparison photo posted by Mint on Card to get a good read on resin matching. Note: I cannot guarantee that this body will match a particular resin or BJD head.

Price is firm at 180 USD. Shipping is free to the continental US! All sales are final, no returns, no exceptions. Thank you for taking the time to check out my sale!


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