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Pinot, WTF?

Yeah, I'm just gonna jump right in.

2018 was a really difficult year for me. A few things happened in my personal life that made me decide to switch from the yoga/talk therapy/holistic approach I was using to treat depression&anxiety to actually going to the doctor for prescribed medication. Well, people may have ~opinions~ about that, but that's why I haven't mentioned it before. Bottom line; I got to a point where only one healthy choice remained. After taking several other steps (along with medication) I am feeling healthier but it was a much longer journey than anticipated and there are clearly still roadblocks. Most of these 'roadblocks' are, at this time, financial. I recently got a new job to improve my situation and have had to give up a lot of time to that endeavor. It really bums me out not being more involved with my own channel and not being able to indulge in my BJD hobby that much - I went from treating my channel like another job to struggling to post a even single video each month (I still can't believe I used to post 2 videos a week. What?!). My own dolls have mostly been sitting in storage for almost eight months.

I'm trying to slowly ease back into spending time with this stuff, because I miss doing things I enjoy, because who wouldn't? It's not easy at the moment. I don't like my job, I'm pretty short on funds, and the things I like to do I don't really have time for.

But that's enough 'poor kitty' for me. I'm starting off this easing back in with updating this site! Slowly but surely you'll see some changes (if anyone ever reads this?! XD). I'm not 100% sure what it all will look like yet, but the blog is the first thing. SO HEY, LET'S ROLL THE DICE~

I'll also include as a final little note that I sent Casper and Stefan's new (maybe new) head away to be painted! I'm so excited to see how they turn out - I'm sure amazingly - although a part of me is also super sad to see Casper's old faceup gone. I mean, listen, that faceup was probably ten years old. STILL, it feels like an end of an era.


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