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We all saw 2020. Hay.

What a long slow grumbling terror of a year. What a humid rancid pile. And double the rage to the part of 2021 that's saying 'hey, it's not over yet'.

I'm going to try and be less negative now. But. You know. Loved ones lost and do I need to go on? It's enough to know loss. That's it then. So now we know in case we couldn't assume. What a slippery fungal inexplicably wet-when-it's-meant-to-be-dry dirty-dish-tub of a year. I, for one, am not celebrating a birthday this year (or rather, I'm celebrating my last birthday again). I think we all collectively get to pretend that this past year doesn't count.

To move on to BJD related stuff;

- I've not done much in the hobby this past year. Shocking, I know. I had been busy sewing things for my Etsy Store, but you know how it goes. I also moved (again), so my shit was packed up for several months while the whole 'moving house during pandemic' thing was sorted out.

- Youtube? I'd like to go back to making videos. I have very little time or space to do so at the moment. I was promoted at work this past year and thus had more responsibilities to take over. That, moving, covid, family, friends, whatever else. But yes, I would like to make videos again. Not sure I can do so with the same frequency, but perhaps I can do so with the same quality. Fingers crossed!

- As for the actual collection, once again, nothing has changed. My only possible update is that I finally put my old (2006? 2007?) Luts Delf body together. I still love those old bodies even though the visual outweighs the practical by quite a bit. This brings me to my next point.

What I'd really like to tackle this year (whenever I am able to start > that same month a year later, not necessarily 2021-22) is a rather large project, but one that could be fun and informative for folks in the hobby! I'm interested in purchasing dolls from various companies to do comparisons, body reviews, and so on. I thought it could be a great way for newer hobbyists to get acquainted with different companies and a way for interested parties to purchase a new doll at a discounted price. I'm not 100% sure how this would work yet, but I've saved a lot of money this past year from not doing anything ever and I've learned that since it can end anytime for any reason, you may as well not be miserly with your cash.

Here's a list of possibilities so far (sticking with male bodies when possible to make comparisons easier)

2D Doll Berg, Jambo, Almond, or LingYu

Aimerai Nolan

AngellStudio Wei Jie

Ango Doll - Hedda

Asleep Eidolon Lynn or Levy

Boy & Girl Grenville

Charmdoll Agent or Sean

Cherry Castle Sitka or Leo

Crobidoll YS, Nia, or Lance

DikaDoll Chijin, Felis, HanGuang, or Alfred

Doll Factory Lachlan

Doll Family A Jiuyu, Terrell, Mu,

Doll Family H YuZhou, ZhenLou, Beilan, Angelo, Quinglang, Aram, or Bennett

Doll-Leaves Zheng (hideous) or Troy

Doll Legend Herbert, Sisca, or Clovis

Dreaming Doll Sinclair, Cliff, or Dra Khan

Granado Zen or Ninth

HeyDoll Lova

IPOPO Jingting

Island Doll Eric or Louis

LoongSoul Tong, Fox Xin Yue Hu, or Orchid

Miracle Doll ChiZhu

Myou Doll Carl

Mystic Kids QingChen or Ellis

Only Kids Poppy

Pipos Ned

RSDoll Marco

SoulDoll Bin, Jio,

Spiritdoll Elm, Garrya,

Supiadoll Jacob, Hayil, or Giyom

Theo Doll - Theo

True Love Joly

Universe Doll Huayue, Fengniao, Butterfly

Withdoll Jiho

Xagadoll Rong, XingYe, Charles, Ash

Thoughts? Comments? Beam them to me mentally in my dreams since I don't have comments available on here. THANKS!


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