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Stefan's character is based on a short story I was writing back in my early high school days. Born out of teen angst, real-life family struggles, and an obsessive love of cybergoth fashion, the story focused on a young man reeling from the loss of his emotionally disturbed older brother. The character of Stefan did not appear until the end of the story when the boy, Casper, finally accepts that he must change in order to heal.


Stefan is an interesting character for me - he's a romantic hero in some ways, but selfish in others. It's been interesting to develop him further, especially because he’s meant to be this very calm person who puts everyone around him at ease while being the perfect partner for Casper who has a bizarre sexual appetite. He’s got some interesting juxtapositions to encompass both Casper’s ideal dom without being a person who necessarily enjoys violence.


Family: Human-uembian coalescent
Sexuality/Status: Neutral Dominant (
Occupation: Proprietor of Lounge/Bar; "Primitive Cult"
Hometown: N/A
Twin Worlds: Ntsuj-Engenabantu
Religious Beliefs: Echtoan


Head Sculpt: Volks Irvin
Body Sculpt: Volks
Hands: Volks
Mods: None
Faceup: Volks
Hair: Synthetic
Eyes: Glass

Head Sculpt: Telesthesia Ju-YingTing
Body Sculpt: Telesthesia & Dragon
Hands:Telesthesia & Dragon
Mods: Opened Eyes
Faceup: Self
Eyes: Masterpiece Eyes Soft Glass

IMG_4375 copy.png

Birthed by a witch’s poor sense of humor and Casper’s self-hating lust Stefan is a Ntsuj-Engenabantu; a human created through inorganic means. Stefan was meant to be Casper's 'perfect lover', but what Casper didn't realize (or rather was unwilling to admit to himself) was that he really wanted was stability and safety. However, the ceremony that brought him into this world has a catch: should Casper ever feel a complete person (safe, secure, possessing the positive qualities that are so apparent in Stefan), at that point Stefan will die.  Outside of this conflict and his relationship with Casper, Stefan is mainly occupied by work.    

Stefan is a very “live in the present” kind of person who dislikes any focus on the past or future. This due in part to his nature; Stefan is a relaxed and composed individual and almost always in a good mood. His calm demeanor and rational thinking also make him an excellent mediator. However, his reluctance to dwell on past events or possible futures also comes down to his core struggle. Having been created only a few years prior he has few memories to call on, while knowing his future depends entirely on another’s emotional needs makes long-term planning futile.

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