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Yanasaga was a character I originally created as a muse back when I was in middle school. His original form was a wolf, but soon I began drawing him as a dragon, a big cat, a human. Slowly he developed into a character in his own right – some kind of demongod/prince thing with a stupidly complicated backstory who was living as a human with what was my favorite plot-point at the time; memory loss. I wrote about ten pages of outline for his story which included such gems as 1) a hyper realistic video game world 2) an older brother who hates him and a younger brother who’s sweet as sugar 3) a mysterious anti-hero (with purple hair!) who later falls in love with Yana and 4) every character is a homosexual male except the beautiful (but deceased) mother. I can’t say I’ve re-read this story and it has thankfully been lost to the world. All the same it was the beginning of Yana as a character and so has influenced his development as a character. When I started high school I was constantly creating new muses and characters, Yana fell into obscurity for me (I had other great muses with names like Ditcher and Catpaste. I’m not kidding. Catpaste. I really liked him too). Now I’m trying to turn this old muse into a dynamic character inspired by his rather silly  beginnings.

IMG_4105 copy.png

Family: Unknown
Sexuality/Status: DLEW (dominant lean extroverted switch
Occupation: Phone Psychic
Hometown: Unknown
Twin Worlds: Unknown
Religious Beliefs: N/A


Head Sculpt: Raven/April Story
Body Sculpt:
Mods: None
Faceup: April Story
Hair: Alpaca Fiber
Eyes: Glass


Yana is basically a time traveling superhero with long term memory issues. There are a few things to understand about him right away;
At this point he’s not even sure what his original form was or where he’s from, if there are others like him or if he was anomalous.

Yana has lived for a very long time. So long, that his own memory doesn’t reach that far. Because of this, Yana sometimes has emotional responses he doesn’t understand. Because of this, he strives to be relaxed and go with the flow, adaptable, and liked by others.

His mood tends to shift based on where he is in the ‘cycle’. The cycle goes like this; reclusive hermit, be a "superhero" (read; do dumb dangerous shit because you can't seem to be killed and bully for your if people reward you for it), the abyss stares back at you, repeat. You could also call these stages birth (or in Yana’s case, rebirth), life, and death.

 He has the personality of a 20-year-old frat boy with the open-minded, calm composure that comes with experiencing multiple lifetimes of different cultures, creatures, and relationships.

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