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Mene first arrived to me in about 2008. He was only a head at the time, my 4th, and the second 'sleeping' sculpt I had. He was also the second head I modded for the same reason.

At first I meant for him to be Daichi's ex-lover from the failed story 'The Business Men', but I quickly scrapped that idea when I realized not only was that story utter BS but the Dreaming Silvia Sculpt was not the low-key sexy energy of other 'sleeping' sculpts I was familiar with at the time; El, Lishe, Bernard...

Mene went from being an orange and purple halloween monster to a monochromatic quiet boy in a matter of days. His sculpt informed his character more than any other BJD I've acquired; the character did not exist until I found an aesthetic that worked. He eventually found a place in the short story 'relapse' as Casper's elder brother.


Family: Human
Sexuality/Status: DLIW (dominant lean introverted switch #2540a7)
Occupation: Social Worker at Egland Co
Hometown: Fallbank, Ioki Urus
Twin Worlds: Natural Witch
Religious Beliefs: Echtoan


Head Sculpt: Dreaming Silvia / Iplehouse
Body Sculpt:
Hands: B&G Doll
Mods: Opened Eyes
Faceup: Self
Hair: Alapca Fiber
Eyes: Glass

bitbybit copy.png
IMG_4310 copy.png

Mene is Casper's older brother. After suffering from night terrors and waking nightmares for years, he ran away from home at 16, believing that staying anywhere too long would bring those around him to harm. As he ran his condition worsened. Fearing his ailment would only bring him and his loved ones incredible grief, he made a terrible choice. Before he was able to go through with his plans, he was interrupted by Something that claimed he could make Mene harmless - even helpful to others. So, Mene chooses to move on, knowing he was doing so based on the promise of a creature he cannot understand the motives of.

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