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Casper's story begins in my own high school years. He was the protagonist of a short story I was working on, the major themes of which were centered around mental and emotional distress.

Because Casper was born during my obsession with cybergoth fashion and coincided with my ridiculous love of wigs and scene kid hair, Casper became a huge inspiration for my wig-making projects. He is one of my oldest characters along with Stefan, Daichi, and Yana.


Family: Human
Sexuality/Status: SLEW (submissive lean extroverted switch #fc690c) / Long-Term Relationship

Occupation: Bartender
Hometown: Fallbank, Ioki Urus
Twin Worlds: None
Religious Beliefs: Echtoan





Head Sculpt: Lisa Rubik Dollmore
Body Sculpt: Dollmore
Hands: Dollmore
Mods: None
Faceup: chrome.cadet
Hair: Alpaca Fiber
Eyes: Glass eBay


Casper is the younger brother of Mene. Like his brother, he had a tendency toward masochism and paranoia, and as a teenager began using illicit substances as coping mechanisms. As his fears spiral out of control he abandons his comfortable high school life in suburbia to seek out his missing older brother. He falls into the most accepting and fashionable gang-life possible, becoming a member of a cult-like group who travel from place to place throwing parties and committing occasional minor crimes. This ye-olde-cycle of drugs, sex, and rock n’ roll is broken only when Casper wanders off and accidentally has a witch create a ‘perfect lover’ for him.

He has difficulty controlling some very base urges, which is how he becomes easily ‘addicted’ to certain behaviors. To be Merriam Webster about it he does not have true physical addictions but degrees of psychological reliance. As he continues to grow, he is able to recognize that he dislikes himself and his incredibly jealous of all others because of it. Through his life this has manifested in several ways; most notably binge drinking, drug abuse, and intimate masochistic practices (not playful spanking or romantic literary S&M softcore, but knife-play and other acts that most would struggle to see as even remotely sexual). That’s not to say Casper has no ability to enjoy vanilla activities or has no sense of humor. He’s actually quite ready to laugh and enjoy life when he’s comfortable around the people he’s with.

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