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Thobias (kinda like Tobias, but with th. Tho-bee-us. Why? I don't know.) was another random muse I had laying around in my decade long love affair with pixel art. He never really had a story until I saw the movie 'Lo' and was inspired to create something somewhat-kinda similar. He moved easily into place with Ally in a little spin-off story based on a comic I was writing at the time.

Getting him in doll form was a complete coincidence. I was browsing around DoA and saw this sculpt - it looked exactly like how I imagined Thobias - so I bought it. Was that a cool story or what? Do you want me to tell it again? No? Are you sure?!


Family: Disgrace
Sexuality/Status: DLES NS (dominant lean extroverted switch, non-sexual #1d2f1f)/single
Occupation: Temps
Hometown: N/A
Twin Worlds: Disgrace
Religious Beliefs: Echtoan - not practicing


Head Sculpt: RS Marco
Body Sculpt: April Story
Hands: April Story
Mods: None
Faceup: RS Studio
Hair: Synthetic/HZ
Eyes: Glass


Laid back and content in life, Thobias is supposed to be tricky, manipulative, and relentless in death. He really isn’t, though. As much as he tries, he just has too big a heart and craves too much companionship to really be a successful ‘demon’.


He was summoned accidentally by Ally, who's soul he is meant to consume, but the two ended up being awkward friends. He loves to have deep conversations about life and death, often wonders if he’s really dead or not, or if he really was ever human at all.


He does have a bit of a temper but is otherwise outgoing and loves attention. His relationship of Ally is much like that of an owner and a dog – complete loyalty, lots of affection and unconditional love without the threat of sexual attraction.

Frost 082.JPG
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