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Citrus is one of my oldest BJDs, although not in his current form, but is unique in that not one of my older characters. At first a NaNuRi head from a Luts event, Citrus became the first doll I seriously modded. His character developed slowly, but surely, from a long-term interest in taking the micro and bringing it into the macro scale.


Citrus was the first doll (and really only one!) who was a visual work more than a written work. This resulted in the bright colors that helped to later define characters like Lemon, Mars, and Terren. He's probably my most well-received BJD (except perhaps Lemon) and certainly an uber-cutie for my personal collection.



Family: Sibpab
Sexuality/Status: Asexual #00000/single
Occupation: IT Freelancer
Hometown: N/A
Twin Worlds: Sibpab
Religious Beliefs: Exploring

some_guys copy_edited.jpg

Head Sculpt: Iris/Iplehouse
Body Sculpt: Multiple
Hands: Jointed DF
Mods: None
Faceup: Call Me Gorgerous
Hair: Self/Alpaca Synthetic blend
Eyes: glass/eBay


Citrus is actually not at all close to being human. He is an alien, 'bred' for the express purpose of traveling to other planets to 'test their readiness' for his superiors. Though Citrus is long-living and hardy, his long journey and subsequent thousands of years of dormancy on the planet Io left him with little memory of his true purpose.


Citrus' first few years of life on his new planet were troubled; he was raised by a child who abused Citrus' abilities for his own personal gain, and his own biology was working against his efforts to blend in happily. Other than these anxieties, Citrus is generally happy-go-lucky in mood and openly affectionate with everyone he meets. His life-long dream is to become a toy designer.


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