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i see u 2020 haaaaaaay


great start love it 10/10

WELL. Here I am again trying to come up with the best way to communicate why I haven't been around and blah blah blah. Ya'll have heard it all before, so instead of that, I'm going to just jump right into other stuff.

I've been working on a couple of projects that I'm really excited about! Sewing projects have taken up a ton of my time this past November/December as I try to refine some of my older patterns. I'm working on new ones as well! I'm planning on sewing a limited stock of clothes for BJDs and selling on my Etsy store which has sat abandoned since 20hubaduba. These pieces will mostly be graphic tees (something we are totally lacking in the BJD community!), but I hope to include a couple of sweaters, pants, and maybe even jackets as well! I'm building up my stock now that I've got a couple of patterns down, though the pants and jackets will likely be quite a ways off. Even when I complete the patterns they will still take a long time to make. Blame all the stupid details on jeans. I'm looking forward to getting everything done, though! I have no idea if anything will sell (my previous Etsy attempts have all failed miserably) but if nothing else I'm getting a lot of practice.

But wait, there's more!

Ever since I did that body mash-up (check out the post here if you missed it), I've been feeling like I want to be more creative in this hobby. It's been so long since I've done any kind of mods for my dolls and I'm not 100% sure why this is; I think I've been focused more on finding the right sculpts to embody certain characters rather than being invested in a sculpt as an art piece. Now, I'm not saying I'd be invested in extensive mods on my established characters, but I realized I do have a bunch of old yellow doll parts sitting around that I can experiment with. And so I have done.

It's been grand to get back to my roots in this hobby, which means of course that I'm putting the poor resin through hell. I took sharpie to it, oil paint, ink, all the stuff you aren't supposed to. It was wonderful. And I'm still at it! Sandpaper, knives, dye, the works. Perhaps this is not how others would enjoy the hobby, but creative freedom certainly has its charms. Right now I'm going through an interesting process with rough surface sanding and outdoor/exterior paints with a variety of finishes. The work is slow but exciting. I'm hoping to be able to post some pictures - if I ever get it done.

There's one more thing I have to report! I've decided that although the Ringdoll head is beautiful, it isn't the right fit for Stefan. I'll likely be selling the head soon which is a bummer but there's nothing else for it. I'm trying again with Ju-YingTing from Dragondoll. We'll see how this one turns out, although it won't be for quite a while since I only ordered him this month.

That's all I've got for now! I'd say stay tuned for updates, but hey. LIFE, MAN.


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